Basin analysis and repeatable resultsthrough technology and expertise.

Extended basin wide analysis

We perform extended basin wide analysis to identify the most promising areas of a trend. Starting with comprehensive, advanced shale log analysis done by our own expert staff, we are able to spot basin wide trends in and away from existing production.

Using these proven technics, we are able to locate the most productive regions early; often at substantial distances from the established limits of known production. Once we’ve selected a specific area, we advance our geologic models further with additional shale log and advanced core analysis to get a full understanding of an area’s potential.

Repeatable well results

With shale plays, success is not merely based on having large in place oil or gas volumes. Well completion technology is equally important to realizing the full value of a shale asset. Our team utilizes industry leading completion technics to get the most out of each and every well and our history shows our ability to do that. We understand that asset valuation is built upon repeatable well results, not in place volumes. And we utilize a variety of very specific methodologies and technologies customized for individual areas to achieve superior performance results.

Identify producing zones

Our goal is to delineate the key producing zones with sufficient wells that demonstrate the producibility of those zones across the entire area of interest – in order to qualify those areas/zones as proved reserves. At which point, our properties typically have enough proven and probable reserves to support multiple rig lines for decades, as well as other prospective zones to refine and develop in the future.