Industry leadership throughexperience and technology.

Charger’s executive team is composed of industry leading professionals in asset development and evaluation. Joe Magoto, President and CEO, has more than 40 years of experience in operations, audit, investment banking and asset development in locations all around the world. Under Mr. Magoto is assembled a comprehensive executive management team of individuals from the top tiers of their respective fields with over 200 years of collective experience on the executive team alone.

Executive Management Team - Charger Shale Oil Co.

Executive Team
Joseph Magoto Headshot

Joseph Magoto

President & CEO
Darryl James Headshot

Darryl James

Vice President Exploration & Geology
Charles Lundeen Headshot

Charles Lundeen

Vice President Land & Legal
Doug Scott Headshot

Doug Scott

Chief Petrophysicist
Jeffrey Wilson Headshot

Jeffrey Wilson

Vice President Engineering
Tom Thiele Headshot

Tom Thiele

Vice President Operations
Dennis Kruse Headshot

Dennis Kruse

Vice President Drilling
Bob Bintliff Headshot

Bob Bintliff

Chief Financial Officer
John Stewart Headshot

John Stewart

Senior Geologist
Tom Barr Headshot

Tom Barr

Senior Reservoir Engineer
Craig Hanagan Headshot

Craig Hanagan

Production Superintendent
Mark Wagner Headshot

Mark Wagner

Senior Geophysicist
Leslie Worley Headshot

Leslie Worley

Executive Assistant / Office Manager
D'Anne McNaughton Headshot

D'Anne McNaughton

Director of Accounting
Pam Stacy Headshot

Pam Stacy

Staff Accountant

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